Choosing A Berkey Water Filter System

Choosing a Berkey Water Filter System


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Step 1. How do the Berkey water filter systems work?

As water is poured into the upper chamber, the natural Berkey Water Filter works. Via the Black Berkey exclusive purification elements, Gravity draws this water where pollutants are captured on and inside these microporous elements and isolated from the water. In the lower chamber, the filtered water then accumulates where it can be drawn through the spigot. The higher the water volume and the number of Black Berkey Filter Components, the faster the filtered water flow rate is.

What’s more, the Black Berkey components can be washed and used again and again.


The table below shows the flow rate of purified water per system configured with the standard 2 filters and when the same system is fully expanded. All systems, except the Berkey Go, function with a minimum of 2 filters.


Model Capacity Filters Flow Rate*
Go Berkey .95 litre 1  3.8l/hr
Travel Berkey 5.7 litre 2 10.4 l/hr
Berkey Light 10.4 litre 2 15.1 l/hr
Berkey Light 10.4 litre 4 32 l/hr
Big Berkey 8.5 litre 2 13.2l/hr
Big Berkey 8.5 litre 4 26.5 l/hr
Royal Berkey 12.3 litre 2 15.1 l/hr
Royal Berkey 12.3 litre 4 30.2 l/hr
Imperial Berkey 17 litre 2 20.8 l/hr
Imperial Berkey 17 litre 6 62.5l/hr
Crown Berkey 22.5 litre 2 24.6 l/hr
Crown Berkey 22.5 litre 8 98.4 l/hr


Step 2. Which size Berkey Water Filter System is appropriate?

The best guideline for selecting which Berkey Water Filter size is suitable for you is that it is generally safer to give you the room for it to be larger. That basically means that having a larger device is more convenient as you won’t have to fill it up as much. Since the higher volume of water in the upper chamber raises the pressure on the filters, the water flows faster.


The cost variations between the different models are small when you remember that for 10-20+ years you will be using the same model. We know this is an investment but in the long run it will be on the cheaper side 🙂


Berkey Model Capacity Number of People
Go Berkey 950 ML  1-2 people
Travel Berkey 5.7 liters 1 – 2 people
Berkey Light 10.4 liters 2 – 5 people
Big Berkey 8.5 liters 1 – 4 people
Royal Berkey 12.3 liters 2 – 6 people
Imperial Berkey 17 liters 4 – 8+ people
Crown Berkey 22.7 liters 4 – 12+ people


Step 3. The Berkey Water Filter systems

As has already been mentioned, all the Berkey Water Filter systems come configured with 2 upper chamber filters, the Black Berkey Filter Elements. The filtration quality will not be improved by increasing the number of filters used in the upper chamber, but it will increase the speed of filtration and the volume of water that can be filtered. For instance, by increasing the number of Black Berkey elements from 2 to 4, the filtration speed and volume of water that can be filtered will approximately double from 22,700 total litres to 45,400 total litres.



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