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Berkey Priming Button

(3 customer reviews)

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Berkey Priming Button


  • Priming button used to prepare or prime the Black Berkey Purification Elements for use in the Berkey system
  • This foam rubber ring fits between a Black Berkey Purification Element and a pressurized faucet to “prime” the element, eliminating tiny air pockets in the Black Berkey Purification Element to maximize flow. Also performs the same priming function for the PF-2 elements
  • The priming button is included in each set of Black Berkey Purification Elements; in case of loss, the priming button may be purchased individually



customer reviews ( 3 reviews)

  1. lost my old ones
    purchased 2 replacements
    got it the next day!

  2. shipping was fast! lost my old one aha

  3. good price, needed a replacement.

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