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Berkey Replacement Kits

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Berkey Replacement Kit™ for Berkey Light System ($30.00) BL

Berkey Replacement Kit™ for Stainless Steel System ($45.00) SS



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Berkey Replacement Kits


Replacement Kit for Systems



  • Replacement Kit For Stainless Steel system with Ceramic Filters Contains
    • 2 Ceramic Washers
    • 2 Wing Nuts
    • 2 Poly Blocking Plugs
    • 1 Replacement spigot
    • 1 Knob (with screw) for Lid
    • 1 Scotch Brite Pad
  • Fits Models: Travel Berkey system, Big Berkey system, Royal Berkey system, Imperial Berkey system,  Crown Berkey system


  • *Replacement Kit For Berkey Light system : comes with either Large Blocking Plugs or Small Blocking Plugs in Kit, based on date of Berkey Light purchase
    • Please identify the manufacturing date on the Berkey Light system to determine which size blocking plug is required. The manufacturing date may be found on the embossing on the bottom of the upper chamber. If the two-digit number in the circle is 13 or lower, the XRP- SM plug is needed. If the two-digit number in the circle is 14 or larger, the XRP-LG plug is needed
    • 2 Black Berkey Washers
    • 2 Wing Nuts
    • 2 Rubber Blocking Plugs
    • 1 Replacement Spigot
    • 1 Scotch Brite Pad
  • Fits Model: Berkey Light system


customer reviews ( 2 reviews)

  1. Lovely kit! needed many items, glad i found this 😀

  2. A must have! thanks

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