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Berkey Water Filter Canada


We Offer The Lowest Prices In Canada, We Sell Only Authentic & Real Berkey Products, We Have Canada’s Largest Inventory, We Offer The Best Customer Support & Service, & We Sell The Best Filters On The Market. Purchase A Berkey & Save Your Hard Earned Money!

Save With Berkey Bundles! With 2 Black Filters & 2 PF-2 Fluoride Filters

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Exceptions May Apply.

In Stock- Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Berkey Light, Go Berkey Kit, Black Berkey Filters, Sport Berkey Bottles, Berkey Lookout Bottles, Black Berkey Primers, Stainless Steel Spigots, Stainless Steel Stands, Berkey PF-2 Filters, Berkey PF-4 Filters, Berkey Shower Filter Without Shower Head & All Parts/Accessories!

Out Of Stock & On Backorder: Berkey Shower Filter With Massage Head, Imperial Berkey, & Crown Berkey (Due To Supply Chain Issues)

Berkey Inline Shower Filters, Sight Glass Spigots, Berkey Totes – Out Of Stock, On Backorder. Place your orders for early reservations! Please note these products have no ETA. ** If you place an order and then decide to cancel, a cancellation + payment processing fee will apply. **


Products which are paired with -> Sight Glass Spigot’s/Berkey Tote’s/Inline Shower Filter’s Orders;

Order Value Must Exceed $99 to qualify for free shipping/same-next day shipping IF paired with Sight Glass Spigot’s, Berkey Tote’s, Inline Shower Filter’s which have no ETA’s. Exceptions May Apply.

All Prices Are In CAD (Canadian Dollars)





Berkey Sight Glass Spigot Bundles! With 2 Black Filters, 2 PF-2 Filters, & The Sight Glass Spigot!

Berkey Water Filter Systems Will Remove:


Bacteria like E. coli – Greater than 99.9999%

Chlorine – Removed to Undetectable Levels 

Heavy Metals – Greater than 99.9%

Viruses – Greater than 99.9999%

Pharmaceuticals – Greater than 99.5%

Chloramines – Greater Than 99.9%

Parasites – Greater than 99.9999%

Fluoride – Up to 99.75% (Berkey PF-2 Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Filters Required)

Trihalomethane (THMs) – Removed to Undetectable Levels

Petroleum Contaminants – Greater than 99.9%

Bisphenol-A (BPA) – Greater than 99.9%

Radiological – Greater than 95%

Perfluorochemicals (PFOA) – Greater than 99.9%

Herbicides & Pesticides – Greater than 99.9%


And Much More

Berkey Water Filter Systems


Go Berkey Kit – 1 Quart – 950 ML (1 People)
Travel Berkey – 1.5 Gallons – 5.7 Litres (1-2 People)
Big Berkey – 2.25 Gallons – 8.5 Litres (1-4 People)
Berkey Light – 2.75 Gallons  – 10.4 Litres (2-5 People)
Royal Berkey – 3.25 Gallons – 12.3 Litres (2-6 People)
Imperial Berkey – 4.5 Gallons – 17 Litres (4-8+People)
Crown Berkey – 6 Gallons – 22.7 Litres (6-12+People)


We Also Sell The Berkey Earth Filter Systems!

Berkey Water Filters Provide The Ultimate In Waterborne Contamination Removal. Owning A Berkey Water Filter Gives You The Ability To Utilize Almost Any Outside Natural Water Source And Transform It into The Best Tasting, Purest Drinking Water Possible. Buy Today!

Receive 5% off any bundle that includes a Berkey system & an accessory/add-on,

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Receive 7.5% off any bundle that includes a Berkey system for orders over $944 – $3,141,

Discount coupon code: 7.5 or 7.5%

Receive 10% off any bundle that includes a Berkey system for orders over $3,143,

Discount coupon code: 10 or 10%

Give The Gift Of Berkey – Berkey Gift Cards

Our main objective and goal is to create and provide accessible means for all Canadians to have the cleanest and purest drinking water available at all times and places. We know how expensive water bottles can be these days and want to save you the money you work so hard to earn. We are able to do that by providing our customers with the most effective quality and most lasting filters accessible on the marketplace for affordable prices and a convenient buying experience. Our goal is to provide top of the line products, continuous quality improvement of our products, & the best before and after sale customer service. We continue to add new products into the Berkey Family. Health and satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance in the achievement of our mission and goal. We thank all our valued customers for their continuous support and trust in us and are happy to provide you with the full lineup of Berkey water filter systems and purification products which are the best water filters on the market. Please let us know anything else and if you have any questions please contact us at

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